We are expert negotiators. Offering our clients the best in personalized negotiations and meeting planning services. We primarily work with associations with large annual conventions. We assist with all types of services to help make your meeting a success. Our goal is to focus on the details so you can focus on your member's satisfaction. 



We create a personalized plan for each client. Developing details to match your meeting needs. Our pricing structure is unique so please feel free to give us a call to discuss the details of your meeting. Each of our plans are structured to assist with the best possible outcome for your meeting and exceed your expectations. We always offer complimentary hotel negotiations. We are different than many other companies because we believe in you getting the best value for your dollar. Where other companies look to profit, we look to gain your trust and grow your organization. We have long standing relationships with our clients. 

Our personalized approach will be sure to please. give us a call or email us to let us know about your convention and we can find your next meeting location at no cost. 


We have been doing this for over 25 years and you can rest assured we have seen it all. We have experience managing logistics, marketing, sales, negotiations, member experience, and so much more. Check out below for a quick overview of just some of the main services we offer. Depending on your convention size, many of these services may be complimentary. 


  • Negotiation - We believe that a quote is just a starting out point for negotiations. Understanding true cost and market value for events is something you can only learn from over 25 years of event planning experience. We have a clear understanding of what you should be charged and how to get there. Allow us to use our experience and knowledge to get you the best pricing on your next event.
  • Contract - Reviewing and protecting you is our primary obligation and we make sure that you are covered from potential attrition charges to food and beverage minimums, we work hard to get our clients the best deal in their best interest. Knowing the industry standard is something we pride ourselves on and will work tirelessly to get you the best contract from the start.

Logistics & Vendor Management

  • On Site Logistics - Set up to break down, you can be assured that each detail is taken care of. We work with the hotel before, during and after the event to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Our client's events are special to us and we make sure that every detail is attended to and coordinate solutions for any possible issues that may arise. Accomplished meetings are planned before the event. The proper preparation reduces any on site problems that may occur and creates a memorable event that will keep attendees coming back year after year.
  • Board Members & VIP's - Looking to impress your board members and VIP's is an important part of the meeting planning process. Ensuring that they have a smooth visit and receive the best possible accommodations is important to us.
  • On Site Staffing - Depending on the size and requirements of your event, you may need extra staffing needs, security guards and more on site personnel. We understand the needs for these individuals and will work to create the appropriate amount of staffing for the event and ensure that the staff is on time and aware of their duties.
  • Vendor Liaison - We will work as the liaison with all vendors to make the process as smooth and successful as possible so you can focus on having a productive meeting. We help to find you the best vendors at the best possible price. Creating a open line of communication and ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks for each and every moment of your event.


  • Menu Selection - We have years of experience developing the perfect menus for the perfect event. We work with you to understand what has been done in the past and develop menus that fit your attendees and your event theme. We help to choose the right dining style for your budget and the right amount of food for the number of attendees.


  • Audio Visual - Finding the right seating set up and the right AV needs for each session is an important part of the event. After all we want your attendees to be focused on the speaker/panel without any distractions. We find the right audio visual needs for each room size and layout and ensure that is set up properly for each session.


  • Pre-Event Registration - We can work within your current pre-registration programing or help to develop one that will work for your needs. Technology in meetings and events is constantly evolving and we work to use that technology to keep your attendees involved and actively engaged in the event.
  • On Site Registration - Registration can be a logistical nightmare if not done properly. We have experience with conventions from 50 attendees to 5,000 attendees and can work through developing and implementing a plan that works for your event. We can work within your current technology or assist with developing a different plan that will work to merge pre-event marketing with on-site registration.
  • VIP Registration - We work with you to make sure that your VIPs are taken care of during the registration process. We can do everything from scheduling their travel arrangements to verifying they are taken care of on site.


  • Speaker - Often times events will find a great speaker but they do not communicate a message with the core group they are speaking with. We can help to find the right speaker on any budget to motivate and excite your group. We also will coordinate with the each speakers schedule and verify all the necessary information so they will be on time and ready for the event.


  • Transportation - Sometimes the right place to hold an event is off property and making the logistics work could be a nightmare. Luckily we have experience finding the right travel logistics for 5 people to over 500 people.
  • Lodging - Ensuring room blocks are met to verifying that the hotel is taking care of the attendees, we want to make sure that the event runs smoothly. 


  • Quality Acts- Giving the attendees a breath of fresh air after spending all day in session is a huge part of what makes an event successful. Thinking outside of the box, we help to make the event exhilarating and fun! We bring interesting and unique entertainment to your event while staying within budget.


  • Trade Show Sales - We have experience with developing valuable relationships with exhibitors to make them confident in the show and keep them exhibiting year after year. Having experience with growing trade shows and getting more potential exhibitors aware of the show and reaching out to them through marketing is something we can assist with.
  • Exhibitor Marketing - Working within your budget, everything from multimedia pre-event marketing to maximize exposure to all potential exhibitors to exhibitor packet distribution and confirmations. We have experience growing positive relationships with exhibitors to keep them coming back each year. We work with the exhibitors on site to ensure set up and break down are successful. At the end of each show we follow up with exhibitors with a survey and phone call to verify a positive experience and listen to constructive criticism for development and improvement of future shows.
  • Sponsorship Management - Just as with exhibitors, we work hard to develop relationships with show sponsors and keep them coming back each year. Developing valuable partnerships where both organizations benefit.


  • Post Event Marketing -Every good marketing campaign knows that the best way to keep an attendee coming back in future years is to follow up with them after the show with additional surveys, information and invite for future shows. We can assist with getting feedback and implementing that feedback to create even more enjoyable events in the future. Developing those personal touches that make an attendee feel thrilled about their experience when they get home is almost as important as the event itself.


  • Show Look - Developing an integrated show look that will grab the attention of the attendees and get them excited about being on site is an important part of the energy of the event. Ensuring the show look is carried out throughout the event is an important part of the entire experience.
  • On Site Signage/Materials - We can develop or assist you with all on site signage, printed materials and directional signage to assist in the attendees experience. We help them get to the right place and get them excited once they are there. Giving your attendees an overall WOW experience while ensuring they have a smooth experience at your event.


  • Budget - Starting with an accounting background, our company focuses on bringing our clients budget friendly extraordinary events. Developing an event that surprises and excites attendees within any budget is our specialty. You can rest assured that throughout the entire planning and execution of your event we have one eye on the bottom line.

  • Revenue - Events hold a dual purpose of creating revenue while bringing attendees an unforgettable experience with value. We work with our clients to clearly understand their meetings/events goals and aspirations. We then develop an event that fits those goals and helps them achieve the desired financial outcome.

  • Post Convention Financial Recap - Developing a financial recap of your event will help to make future decisions to assist with next years planning and goals. Using a more accurate budget and understanding of target market and income can assist to increase profits.


  • Pre-Event Marketing - We can manage all pre-event marketing on a mulitmedia platform to enhance attendee event awareness. We think outside the box using traditional marketing and non-traditional marketing to give your event as much coverage as possible and a better overall excitement and attendance at your event.
  • Social Media - We can assist with Facebook, Twitter, blog, vlog and other social media to help get the word out to your target audience and increase attendance at your next event. We work with each client to see what has already worked for them and help identify what the best social media marketing plan to increase show attendance.
  • Graphic Design - Some organizations have in house graphic designers for event materials or use an outside company. We work with what you already have in place however if needed, we do offer services to create a well defined target marketing campaign with multimedia platforms. Everything from developing a marketing campaign to generating more attendee excitement and awareness, we can handle it all. If you need different kinds of electronic and printed materials from brochures to email marketing created or just some, we can work with you to develop and integrated marketing plan that will suit your needs.


We are always doing more to please the client. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We look forward to working with you and setting up a time to speak about your next event.